Asphalt batch mixing plant with proven quality. We are leading exporter of hot machinery used in road construction. Also supplier of asphalt batch plant in worldwide.


Our manufacturing experience is more than 30 years. Emphasis on quality, productivity and quality service offering has kept us in the forefront. Super quality construction batch mix plant industry in India. We have done reasonable research and development for developing a quality batch mix type asphalt plants for rough applications. Customer has various choices to choose from an even the batching plant can be customized as per the requirement of the customer. We believe in economic and flexible solutions for our customers who are the very base of our company.

Why only Atlas?

  • Proven design for maximum output and smooth operation.
  • Containerised design helps reduce transportation costs.
  • The essence of our equipment lies in the quality and reliability that we have to offer.
  • The highlight of this product is the weighing system which allows you to have a mix which is accurate.
  • Manufacturing process at Atlas is quality based and the same is reflected in our machines.
  • Atlas is asphalt mix plant manufacturers from India offering only modular and batch type designed plants that allows assembly and setup in quick time.
  • Energy saving and high efficient heating system is very reliable.
  • Bag filter unit comes with 3 rotors for cleaning on top of the machine which is more efficient and reliable cleaning system.
  • Emission standards are capable of meeting environmental requirements.
  • Mixing unit comes with planetary gear box on each shaft that helps in better torque absorption thus increasing the life of the components.
  • The software is developed in such a way that the plant is very easy to operate. Equipment comes with touch screen monitor and SCADA software that also enables operation of the plant from mobile / tablet via internet.
  • One of the key features is that this machine is very low on operating cost and maintenance.
  • We have used all international brands for auxiliary parts and accessories in manufacturing hence we are very sure of our product.
  • Plant with recycle asphalt is also available.

See video of Atlas 160 tph asphalt mixer with natural gas burner

If you are looking for quality asphalt batching plant manufacturers from India, look no further than Atlas because we have got a sturdy and reliable machine for your next construction project.

Plant is available in three models and in capacities 80 tph, 120 tph and 160 tph. Capacities above 160 tph are available on specific request.


Cold aggregate feeders:
4 / 5 / 6 cold feeder bins available for storage of aggregates. Each bin is equipped with variable speed drive motor.

Vibrating screen and charging conveyor:
Single deck screen is for removal of over sized material before they enter the drying drum. They are transferred to the charging conveyor for transfer to the drum.

Drying drum:
This is one of the most important component. Its job is to evenly dry the aggregates thus removing any moisture content present in them. Atlas is one of reputed hot mix plant exporters from India.  Who emphasis in quality of this product.

Monoblock burner supplied is compatible with multiple fuels like diesel / FO / LDO / Natural gas. Low noise burner is also efficient and maintenance free. Burner and drum rotation speed is coupled with efficient flights for best results.


Video of 120 tph asphalt batching plant installed in Gujarat, India

Dry dust collector:
For collection of heavy dust particles before they enter the bag filter.

Bag house:
Bag house is for environment protection. High efficient bag help in effective trapping of the dust.

Bitumen tanks:
Asphalt batch plant for sale comes with tanks which can be in different sizes. Asphalt storage tanks come with direct or indirect heating system.

Hot oil heater:
Hot oil heater of suitable capacity is provided. It helps to heat the oil which is turn indirectly heats the bitumen and keeps it in liquid state. The same oil is also used for jacketing the mixing unit.

Hot elevator and mineral filler elevator:
Both the elevators for hot aggregates and for minerals transfer are fully covered. Hot elevator is with anti slip feature.


Tower unit of asphalt plant:
The tower unit consists of three main units like vibrating screen, hot bins and mixing unit. All the units are modular for easy installation of the batching tower.
Vibrating screen: Vibrating screen comes with 4 / 5 decks for screening different aggregates. It is equipped with vibrating motors.
Hot bins: 4 / 5 hoppers for storage of hot aggregates in separate compartments before weighing.
Mixing unit: Mixing unit is designed for homogenous mixing of all components in short time. The arms, tips and liner plates are replaceable. Mixing unit is jacketed for better quality of hot mix asphalt.


Weighing systems:
Separate weighing systems for aggregate, bitumen and filler material. Weighing system is developed with outmost care and to ensure that precise reading is possible. This being one of the key features of Atlas asphalt mixing plant.

Control panel:
Control panel is user friendly and is PLC type. It is easy to operate and multiple recipes can be stored. Printing facility can be used to take printout of data as and when required.