Many types of asphalt plants and mixers are available today. It’s main job is to mix aggregates with bitumen and sometimes reclaimed asphalt to make HMA as per desired recipe. In any plant all material like aggregates, bitumen, filler or in some cases RAP is also added in fixed quantities. This process of mixing can be batch wise or continuous.

We have different types of products that will suit today’s contractor. These are designed to comply with the needs of most of the customers and if need arises we also customize equipment as per your needs.


There are two basic types of hot mix asphalt plant:

Batch plant: They make HMA in batches.
Continuous plants / drum plants: They make asphalt in a continuous process.

The availability of different types and configuration of these plants give varied choice to customer. Our main motto is to manufacture quality machinery and back it up with service so that customers can also survive in this competitive world.

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Asphalt batch mix plant – [80 tph | 120 tph | 160 tph]

Atlas essentially an asphalt plants that are batch mix type will make HMA in batches. Batch timing can be adjusted and it varies as per requirement. The hot aggregates, filler and bitumen are first weighed and then added into the mixing unit. After the mixing process asphalt is discharged from the mixer into the trucks or in some cases into a storage silo. This is one of the most used in the world because of the fact that it guarantees top quality.

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Counter flow asphalt mixer – [40-60 | 60-90 | 90-120 tph]

We can say that counter flow asphalt mixer produces better quality of asphalt than a traditional drum mix plant. The machine comes with two chambers. It is basically a continuous type plant that utilizes the benefits of counter flow technology for drying of virgin aggregates in the first chamber. Mixing of heated aggregates with bitumen and filler material is done in the second chamber. Suction of gases and dust is done from the first chamber prior to mixing. This allows better quality of asphalt and better fuel savings. Bag filter unit or venturi type wet dust collector can be integrated easily. RAP can also be added in to the mixing unit.

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Asphalt drum mixer – [40-60 tph | 60-90 tph | 90-120 tph]

Road contractors who prefer asphalt drum mixer are the one who want to produce HMA continuously and in large quantities.  One can produce quality material in different grades and this plant also allows storage of different mix materials. There is a single drum that facilitates heating and also mixing. Material is produced continuously and not in batches. This machine takes up less space and is also comparatively easy to set up, use and maintain. It is an ideal choice for you if you dont want to invest more and want to make decent product.

portable asphalt drum mix plant

Portable asphalt plant – [40-60 | 60-90 | 90-120 tph]

Want mobility features in a drum mixer? Go for our portable asphalt plant. This equipment presents all the features of the stationary unit and yet it comes with features that offer mobility. If you looking to change sites more frequent but don’t want to compromise on production go for this equipment. These portable mixers feature same size of feeder bins, drum and all other components as the stationary plants. We manufacture the same in the capacities 40 tph to 120 tph and one can start producing immediately.

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Small mobile drum mix plant – [20-30 tph]

Atlas INDUSTRIES have small mobile plant and drum mix plants available in capacity 20-30 tph. This is a continuous type plant for you if you want to produce quality hot mix asphalt in small quantities. It is also easy to change sites due to the small size of the machine. The plant components are small and it can also be navigated to small sites easily. It’s an ideal machine for remote areas or hilly areas where bigger machines cannot be transported. The aggregates bins are 2 in number and each bin is divided into 2 from the top. Wet scrubber type pollution control device can also be provided with the plant.