Atlas parallel counterflow asphalt plant technology for drum mix plant. Atlas is also manufacturer and supplier of recycle asphalt mixing plants. Now you contact us to get price quotation and specifications. Counter-flow type machine is a bit different from parallel flow equipment.

Counterflow Asphalt Plant and Mixer

Atlas manufacturer company is supplier of counter flow mixer and double drum asphalt plant. In the parallel-flow drum mixers the aggregates enter the drum. They gradually move towards the other end of the drum. As they move towards the other end of the drum. They move away from the burner because burner is located just above the entry point of the aggregates in the drum. Counter-flow as the name suggests will heat the aggregates as they move towards the burner. Burner position is on the other side of the drum. This ensures that aggregates are continuously moving towards the burner heat. This process helps in reducing the aggregate moisture content in a better way.

We at manufacture and export the complete range in the capacities 40-60 tph, 60-90 tph and 90-120 tph. Different options are available like double drum type where first drum does heating and second drum does mixing. Then we also offer equipment with drum for heating and pug mill type unit for mixing of aggregates with bitumen. Single drum model has long nose burner that heats the first half of the drum and mixing takes place in the second half.

Counterflow Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Plant – Road Construction Machines

Atlas asphalt plants come with option to add reclaimed asphalt payment in the mixing unit. Nowadays road construction machines are getting advanced and such facility will help customer have an edge over the competition.

Dust suction is done in the first half just at the entry point of the aggregates. This means that only aggregate dust is sucked prior to mixing.

This design allows maximum fuel savings because to two primary reasons one is that the dust is collected before mixing and other option is that heating of aggregates is counter-flow. This allows mixing of dust free aggregates with bitumen.

Bag filter can also be fitted and it works seamlessly with the same.

Customers get better quality of HMA with this design asphalt mixer. This is a proven machine and suitable for customers that can spend a bit more for long term benefit.