Buy proven quality asphalt drum mix plant from leading supplier and exporter company in worldwide. We also manufacturer of stationary plants Offered in capacities of 40-60 Tph, 60-90 Tph and 90-120 Tph this is proven and tested design for customers looking for production of quality asphalt. Atlas offered best mix of price and quality.

Reliability and smooth operation is highlight of equipment offered by Atlas Gujarat. The simple and economic design makes this equipment ideal. It is also proved itself in rough Indian operating conditions.

Bitumen mix plant

High quality bitumen plant is designed to perform in rough conditions. Atlas double drum asphalt plant produces quality material in continuous process. A mobile version does the same job and also gives additional flexibility to move places quickly.

Stationary plant image


Drying drum can be SS coated with cera wool insulation that can resist heat up to 1260.

Drying drum can also be provided with friction drive system if required.

All components like gear boxes, motors, bearings, etc are all standard make. These components are also available in most countries.

Drying drum flights are bolted type which can be easily replaced from time to time as and when required.

These drum flights are designed in such a way that it utilizes the burner heat properly to heat the aggregates evenly.

The burner unit supplied is also capable, silent unit and low fuel consuming unit.

The quality that we have on offer is same for one and all.

Like other asphalt drum plant manufacturers we do not alter quality from machine to machine.

We don’t use components that are non durable.