Get Quality mini concrete plant in the range 8-13 m3/hr. Leading manufacturer and exporter of heavy equipment. Use Atlas concrete plant and start production in few hours. Comes with easy to use control panel fitted on the machinery. Printing of all important data can also be done at site with this machine. Get quality construction machinery from Batch Plant India – exporter of quality machines.

Small concrete mixer machine

Source your next small concrete mixer from leading industry from India. This machine is similar to the portable design type concrete plants that we manufacture except that the loading here is manual and this machine only allows feeding of two aggregates, cement and water. The main motive behind developing this machine is to allow accessibility of a mini batching plant to remote construction sites where big machines cannot go or sites where there is a space constrain.


Every time it is not possible to take the big machines everywhere. Big units take up more space, more energy and are also expensive to run and maintain. Bigger batch plants require skilled labour and since its output is more you need more people and definitive lead to use up the concrete in fast time. If you have a project running in a city where space is an issue it would be impossible to setup a big machine. In such cases this machine does the job well because it is so small and portable that it can be pulled and taken away by a tractor or a jeep. This equipment comes with a reversible drum mixer which can mix very well and perform for years to come.

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  • Available in two models: with electric motors or with diesel engine.
  • Equipment can be transported in 1 x 20 ft. container.
  • Compact and containerized design for low transportation cost.
  • Best suited for small and medium sized projects and projects where space is a concern.
  • No foundation required just power and go.
  • With Atlas mini concrete mixers, start producing concrete in few hours.
  • Equipment is fully prewired and tested at our factory prior to dispatch.
  • Standard configuration comes with total 3 bins: one for cement other two for aggregates / sand.
  • It is possible to customize your equipment with 2 bins or 1 bin.
  • Each bin is equipped with individual load cells.
  • Separate hydraulic motors for drum drive and hydraulic cylinder for feeder up and down.
  • For weighing water we use high precision load cells and not sensors.
  • Design is maintenance free and it promises low operating cost.
  • You can have easy access to all moving parts of mixing unit for ease of maintenance.
  • Centralized lubrication system allows lubrication for all moving parts of the machine.
  • Control panel with printing facility.
  • Option to save multiple recipes in the control panel is also possible.
  • Panel fitted on chassis for maximum mobility.

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Mini concrete mixing plant is compact equipment which makes it an ideal choice for urban civil contractors because it takes least space to travel and run. The plant set up is also easy as it does not require any concrete foundation. Just levelling the machine and plug it is enough to produce concrete. The unique and small design of this machine is ideal and its capacity to consistently product high quality concrete will instantly reduce a lot of efforts required at the site.

Machines with electric motors are available in 2 models and in capacities 8-12 m3/hr. and 12-15 m3/hr. Concrete batching plant with diesel engine comes in capacity 8-12 m3/hr.


Feeder bins:
The standard configuration of this equipment is with three feeder bins. Out of the three bins, one bin s for cement and the other two bins are for aggregates and sand. Mini concrete equipment can also be made available with two or one feeder bins as per the customer’s choice. Each bin comes equipped with a load cell below for weigh indication. Hydraulic motor is provided for efficient discharge of the materials.

Mixing drum:
Non tilting type mixing drum is the important part of this equipment. It adds water, cement, aggregates and sand homogenously to make quality ready mix concrete. It is made out of precision as it will be the one which will be subjected to most torture. It has got blades inside which mix the material when the drum rotates clockwise and discharges the material when the drum rotates anti clockwise.

Weighing system:
Aggregates, sand and cement are weighed individually in the three bins provided. There is provision for weighing water as it is in its separate tank which is on a load cell.

Lubrication system:
As leading mini concrete mixer exporters we realize the value of an equipment working far away from us and hence all the equipment that leaves our factory is equipped with a lubrication system for all the moving parts of the machine. It is easy to use one point lubrication system placed near the control panel for your mini batching plant that will help in lowering maintenance and breakdown related issues.

Water storage:
Water tank of suitable capacity is provided. Water is automatically metered and exact quantity of water is added into the mix. The water tank gets filled up automatically as the water level drops.

Control panel:
Easy to use and calibrate the control panel is designed for maximum comfort. It is conveniently placed near the drum where it is very easy to access all the switches. This unit comes enclosed in a box for protection. Even the lubrication system is placed in a separate box near the control system for ease of use.