Atlas custom mobile mini asphalt plant provides the answer to demands of paving road and civil contractors. Latest high quality mini drum mixer from manufacturer of road machinery. This small equipment is suitable for small sites and high mobility.

Portable Asphalt Plants

This portable asphalt plants featured here is a mobile batch plant. And also designed for small jobs and jobs that require frequent shifting. Its key components include aggregate feeders, charging conveyor with load cells, drying drum, pollution control devices, fuel tank, mineral filler unit, bitumen tank and control panel. Kingpin facility makes it easy to mount and un-mount this machine and then placing it on a levelled surface with other units will help to start producing hot mix asphalt quickly.

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If your requirement is frequent shifting with low volumes of HMA production this machine is ideal. It is designed for effortless assembling and disassembling so that you can conveniently move it to places more and more often. These mobile asphalt mixers are low priced compared to the heavy equipment and it is handy if your requirement of hot mix asphalt is less. It is a high value product at reasonable rate. Basically this machine is designed to be maintenance free, modern and comes with simple to use control panel for optimum results.



  • Plants units are container sized to lower the shipping cost.
  • Full plant with pollution control device is transported in 2 x 40 HQ and 1 x 20 ft. containers.
  • All the components of the plant are modular.
  • Unit is equipped with dry and wet dust type pollution control devices.
  • Atlas small mobile hot mix asphalt plants are easy to install and start quickly as each chassis is prewired with junction box thus providing mobility to move between two sites quickly.
  • Plug and play concept for each module so that assembly and shifting is no headache and equipment is easy to setup.
  • Only flat and hard surface required for working. No hazzles in foundation.
  • The equipment is built on a heavy structure.
  • Drum burner is maintenance free, low noise and operates on multiple fuels.
  • Low maintenance design is ideal for shifting places.
  • Best machine for small road works that require frequent shifting.
  • Ideal for short term or long term projects.
  • Atlas is one of India based mobile asphalt plant manufacturers who supplies optional hot mix storage silos and bucket elevator system with this equipment.

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RAP addition:
RAP addition is possible with counter flow plant. You can either opt for single drum or double drum or design with one drum and mixing unit as per your choice.

Plant is available in capacity 20-30 tph. This plant package includes mineral filler unit and pollution control units like dry and wet dust collectors.


Cold feeder bins:
Cold feed bins are 2 x 2 types for saving space. Ideally it can take 4 different aggregates but it can only proportion aggregates based on the front feeder unit and back feeder unit. In simple terms if you want to use 4 aggregates, the ratio of two aggregates adjoining to each other in a bin should be same.

Charging belt:
Charging conveyor is on the same chassis and it runs from below the feeder bins. Load cells helps to take weight measurements while the belt delivers the material to the drying and mixing drum.

Drying and mixing drum:
The drying and mixing drum of mobile drum mix plant is on a single chassis along with the cold aggregate feeder and dry dust collector. It is effectively designed to heat aggregates and then mix them with bitumen in the second half.

Easy to use and low noise burner is highlight of this machine.

Bitumen storage tanks:
One standard storage tank for bitumen is included in the package with the plant. It is on the chassis with filler unit and control cabin. Customer can also opt for additional units of bitumen tanks if required.

Fuel tank for dryer burner:
A small fuel tank is placed conveniently on the chassis near the feeder bins.

Filler unit:
Small filler unit comes with the plant.

Pollution control units:
Dry and venturi type wet dust collector work in sync with each other to keep pollution under check.

Control panel:
Control panel is designed for easy use and maintenance free design. It comes enclosed in a cabin.

Storage silo:
Storage silos and bucket elevator system for loading of hot mix asphalt into silo or truck can also be made available.