Buy quality concrete batching plant by Atlas. Indian manufacturer of mobile RMC mixer. We also supplier of portable ready mix plants 45 m3/hr to 60 m3/hr in worldwide. This equipment is manufactured under strict quality control and we use standard components to manufacture the same. We at Batch Plant India always strive to provide quality machinery at reasonable rates so that our customers can also be competitive.

Mobile ready mix plant

Our mobile ready mix plants provide you with maximum flexibility. This equipment is offered in four capacities and all the models come with twin shaft mixer and PLC panel as standard fitment just to ensure that your requirements are fully met. Mobile concrete batch plant is built to be flexible and ideal for portable applications and remote jobs. With the high discharge height, it is very much possible to easily load transit mixer or a concrete pump. The plant can be erected with very less foundation thus making it truly mobile in every sense. The mobile batching plant is designed in such a way that aggregate loading height is kept low.


Equipment comes pre-wired and tested from the factory which helps to save valuable erection and commissioning time. This property is also useful when shifting sites as the disassembly time is reduced. The design is such that this plant will allow you to concentrate on your profits while getting higher production and allowing maximum flexibility in terms of transportation. If you are looking for temporary installation or investment in this plant for long term to product high quality concrete at a single place, this equipment is designed for reliability and optimum performance. This mobile concrete plant from India is an economical design which is built without compromising on quality or performance.

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Containerized design.
Easy and fast setup time.
Pre-wired and factory tested.
Kingpin attachment system.
Only flat and hard surface required for working. No hazzles in foundation.
Dry and wet mixing plants available.
4 aggregate bins with low aggregate loading height.
High precision load cells for weighing aggregates, water, cement and additives.
Compact design, low operating cost and maintenance free design.
Easy maneuverable space around mixing unit allows easy maintenance.
Atlas is mobile concrete plant exporters from India to provide plant with PLC control panel, optional SCADA system also available.
Inbuilt control cabin.
Option to save multiple recipes in the control panel available.

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In the long run this equipment is designed for less downtime, minimum maintenance, and superior services. Starting this equipment is quick and you can use this equipment to produce high quality concrete quickly.

Plant is available in 4 models and in capacities 20 m3/hr.; 30 m3/hr.; 45 m3/hr. and 60 m3/hr.. This plant package includes weighing for aggregates, weighing for cement, weighing for water, weighing for additives and twin shaft mixing unit.

Cold feeder bins:
A quality mobile concrete mixer manufacturer always thinks from the customer’s point of view and Atlas has done the same thing. This equipment comes with lower height for loading aggregates and 2 x 2 bins facilitate addition of four different types of aggregates. Air compressor is fitted near the bins which help in operation of pneumatic operations including feeder gates, mixer gate and butterfly valves.

Weighing cum charging conveyor belt:
There is a single conveyor belt which does the task of weighing as well as discharge of aggregates to the twin shaft mixer. This conveyor is suspended on four load cells for weighing of aggregates.

Weighing system:
Separate weighing system for cement, water and also for additive is provided as a standard with Atlas mobile RMC plant. There are separate weigh hoppers for each item suspended on load cells. Cement weigh hopper is suspended on 3 load cells, water weigh hopper on 2 load cells and additive weigh hopper on 1 load cell.

Mixing unit:
Maintenance free twin shaft mixer is for homogeneous mixing of concrete. It comes with replaceable arms, tips and liner plates for easy maintenance. Planetary or pan type mixers can also be provided in exchange of twin shaft mixer.

Cement storage:
Cement storage silos of various capacities are available. Standard plant comes with cement hopper of capacity 1500 kgs. with screw conveyor and vibrating motor for free flow of cement.

Control panel:
Control panel is housed inside the control cabin. It comes with a touch screen panel with user friendly software for ease of operations. The control panel is PLC type with optional facility to add SCADA system. Ease of use and operation along with printing facility makes this control panel of mobile batching plant one of the best machines available in the industry today.