As a proven portable asphalt plant exporter in worldwide. Mobile mixing plants is suitable for places that require extreme motility. Which is ideal for road construction?

Portable Drum Mix Plant

Indian custom developer of drum mix plants exporter of parallel flow (continuous type) and counter flow mixer and stationary. Our main focus while developing this equipment has always been to provide quality product and simple solutions to the road construction industry.

This equipment is designed for the contractor whose aim is to make high volumes of production and also wants to shift frequently. This plants does like you say for eg. It can be installed in quick time and will start producing quality hot mix asphalt in short time. Our aim is to minimize downtime, maintenance cost, breakdown and other production related costs. We also aim to provide this equipment as a solution to new or experienced road contractors looking for a better product at reasonable rates. Portable asphalt mixers come with maintenance free, modern and easy to use PLC type control panel with touch screen display.



  • All units of the plant are modular.
  • Equipment is compact and container sized which means that shipping costs is lower.
  • Units come bolted for easy fitting.
  • Can be installed and commissioned fast.
  • No or less foundation required.
  • Standard plant comes in total of three or four chassis.
  • The structure is heavy.
  • Each chassis comes pre-wired with junction box.
  • Standard feature includes safety lights, cover for tyres, king pin, axles with pneumatic braking and foldable legs.
  • Drum burner operates on multiple fuels.
  • Low maintenance design and as productive as stationary plants.

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This portable asphalt mixing plant for sale is preferred by those who want plant with quick start-up and want running in no time. The plant is designed in such a way that each unit can be transported individually and the pollution control unit comes bolted with the drum chassis for easy mobility and onsite assembly. One can safely say that this is one of the best machines offered at this price and with unmatched features.

RAP addition:
Recycled asphalt can be added with our counter flow plant (PRODUCT LINK). This plant is also available as mobile plant. It is single drum type, double drum type or single drum plant with mixer.

Atlas is one of quality portable asphalt plant manufacturers offering the portable designed plants which are ideal for producing HMA quickly. Many customers prefer this equipment compared to the stationary plant because it offers exactly the same features and production but is much better in terms of mobility. Plant is available in capacities 40 tph to 120 tph, higher capacities available on request. The complete plant package includes a mineral filler unit along with dry and wet type pollution control units.


Cold feeder bins:
Cold aggregates are stored in separate compartments as per their size. Depending on the requirement, the flow of each bin can be customized as each bin is equipped with variable speed drive.

Primary screen and charging belt:
Vibrator screen separates the bigger particles out and the smaller particles fall on the charging belt below the screen. This belt helps to pass the aggregates to the drying drum.

Drying and mixing drum:
Drying and mixing drum consists of flights inside the drum which are of different types for carrying out different purpose. The drum rotates and the material inside is treated to burner flame in the first half. Here the intelligent flights help to heat all the aggregates evenly and help in saving fuel. The second half of the portable asphalt plant India is the mixing zone. It is away from the burner flame so that the flame does not come in direct contact with bitumen.

Modulating burner supplied here is fuel efficient and low noise. It is designed to work with multiple fuels and is simple to maintain.

Asphalt storage tanks:
Asphalt storage tanks are available in different capacities as per the customer’s requirement. These tanks come with direct or indirect heating system.

Fuel tank for dryer burner:
Also included in the package this tank stores and supplies the fuel required by the drum burner.

Filler unit:
Atlas is portable asphalt mixer suppliers and our standard package includes the filler unit for addition of filler in the mixing zone.

Pollution control units:
There are two pollution control devices dry dust collector and wet dust collector. Dry and wet dust collectors both are efficient pollution control units. Bag filer can also be used in place of wet dust collector.

Control panel:
The control panel is PLC type which is a modern and maintenance free control panel. We say this because we get fewer calls related to replacement of control panel spares. The panel is designed for easy operation and user friendly software ensures top performance. Control panel is housed inside its cabin.

Storage silo:
Hot mix storage silos of various capacities are available with Atlas. These storage silos are ideal if you want to store hot mix asphalt till the next truck arrives.