Custom made small concrete plant available in different storage capacities. Mini batching plant and ready mix concrete mixer available for sale. Quality and rugged equipment have proven their worth over the years. Atlas designing of the machine for easy maintenance. Customer can use the machine effectively without headache.

We always take enough care to ensure that. All construction machine that leaves. Orders are well executed. Each delivery is take care of properly.

Small Concrete Mixing Plant 

Our factory is pre-tested and inspected. Latest Small concrete mixing plant has got many advantages over the competition. It is one of the most reliable and accurate machine available in the market today. The build quality materials used in the manufacturing.

small concrete plant

Some features:

Comes on wheels: The entire machine is setup on 4 wheels. It is very easy to carry any suitable vehicle. Take it to remote places.

Easy to handle and set up: A small size will allow you to move the machine easily work even in city areas. Because the space required for working very less.

Requires small space to work: Batching plant is accurate also work in small areas. There are no conveyors or skip hoists only simple hopper up-down system by hydraulic cylinders. That reduce the working space.

Easy operation and maintenance: Operation is very easy and within few days any skilled person can start operating the machine. Maintenance is very easy only few things have to be considered in order. The maintain the machine in best condition.

Panel with printer: Control panel is very easy to use and fixed on the chassis. Easy to calibrate and print all important mix material data possible.

Lubrication of all moving parts: All moving parts can be lubricated form a single point. By use of a centralized lubrication system provided with our concrete equipment. This point makes the maintenance of the machine very easy.

Can add additives: It is possible to add provision for additive mixing in the batch.

Reversible drum mixer: Proven technology and sturdy design of reversible drum mixer preferred by many customers worldwide.

Fast output: Batch wise production is proper output can be obtained out of the machine. The feeder size and the drum size are sufficient to hold full batch.