Buy good quality of stationary type concrete plant from India. Atlas is RMC (ready mix) mixer manufacturer and exporter from Gujarat. Get road and concrete construction machinery from leading supplier in India. This machine is designed to be kept at one place and perform non stop for years. We have tried and tested this equipment in rough Indian conditions and designed it to serve our customers for many projects. Our company stationary concrete plant produces quality construction machinery for customers worldwide.

Stationary Ready Mix Concrete plant

Atlas stationary ready mix type of concrete plants  designed for various applications in multiple industries. They are most suited for customers looking to produce ready mix concrete, road and civil contractors and precise manufacturers. The ability of this equipment to produce concrete in different grades makes it one of the most versatile equipment available in the market today.



We understand your needs and hence our machines are designed to fulfill your requirements by offering various capacities and specifications of the concrete plant. Our plants can be customized to meet your requirement. Maximum efficiency and reliability is the key of the equipment offered by Atlas. Stationary concrete mixers are preferred for high volumes of concrete production and for projects that require to product concrete at a place for long duration.

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  • Container sized designs for lower transportation costs.
  • Modular units are easy for transportation and set up.
  • Different layout options available as per customer’s requirements.
  • Strong structure with heavy loading bins.
  • Standard fit in includes twin shaft mixers.
  • Also available plant with planetary and pan mixers.
  • Easy replaceable arms, tips and liners.
  • Mixing platform is wide for easy access and maintenance.
  • Ready mix concrete plants come with easy to use PLC touch screen control panel offers best performance.
  • Components used are worldwide known and reliable to ensure long life.
  • Easy to own, maintenance and is low on operating costs.
  • You can consistently product high quality concrete at lower costs.

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Stationary Concrete Plant is available in capacities 30 m3/hr. to 200 m3/hr.


Feeding bins:
Inline feeder bins are designed with a heavy structure. They are capable of holding large quantity of aggregates in different compartments as per the size.

Weighing conveyor:
Weighing conveyor is suspended on four load cells. One by one aggregates fall from the bins on the conveyor and weighed separately.

Charging conveyor / Skip hoist:
Charging conveyor or skip is provided which collects the weighed aggregates from below the weighing conveyor and transfers the same to the mixing unit for mixing with other components.

Weighing system:
Weighing system for cement, ad mixer and water is provided just above the mixing unit. Each weighing unit is suspended on load cells and depending on the material required, discharge the quantity into the mixer.

Mixing units:
Atlas provides concrete batching plant in worldwide with twin shaft mixers as standard mixing units. Higher capacity mixing units by BHS or Sicoma for optimum results. Planetary or pan type mixing units also available.

Cement storage:
Storage for cement can be in a cement silo or in a standard cement hopper (for cement bags). These cement storage arrangement comes with screw conveyor for inlet of cement into the hopper.

Computerized panel:
Control panel is PLC touch screen type with user friendly software. SCADA software is optional. Control panel comes inside control cabin.